Rinske van den Heuvel

PhD student Dr. Leo Kannerhuis

I started my PhD-project in February 2020 at the Dr. Leo Kannerhuis and the HAN, University of Applied Sciences. My PhD is supervised by Prof. Dr. Hilde Geurts, Prof. Dr. Michel Wensing and Dr. Jan-Pieter Teunisse. I obtained my Research Master degree in Social and Health Psychology and my Master degree in Clinical Psychology, both at Utrecht University.

During my PhD-project (called Netwerk in Actie: Network in Action) I focus on the social network of people with autism who currently receive treatment at dr. Leo Kannerhuis. More specifically, the aim of the project is to learn more about involving and strengthening the social support network within a treatment setting. Throughout the project, there is a collaboration with therapists, clients and family members of clients.