Joost Agelink van Rentergem

Former Post doc

I joined d’Arc as a post-doc in 2017. I am interested in the validity and application of statistical methods for establishing subtypes of participants within psychiatry, and within autism research in particular. These subtypes may have different prognoses, different causes for possible problems, and may benefit from different types of interventions. Once we can discover subtype membership in a more reliable and valid way, this will speed up research in each of these areas, and will benefit those who require support.

Special interests of mine are psychological measurement, combining measurements on multiple levels of abstraction, and improving clinical neuropsychological practice through the improvement of statistical practice. I am a methodologist by training and did my PhD (cum laude) at the University of Amsterdam on the Advanced Neuropsychological Diagnostics Infrastructure (ANDI) project, which provides a normative database and interactive website for clinical neuropsychologists to use in diagnostics.

Currently working as researcher at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI).