In the Netherlands

We collaborate with colleagues from other UvA departments and within various other networks (see below)
  • Academic workplace: Research network for Autism (previously known as reach-aut and samendoen! and now as AWA 2.0)
  • LKH/HAN: Jan Pieter Teunisse & Audrey Mol (see
  • NVA, Bilthoven: Autism advocacy association (see
  • PAS: Autism advocacy association (see
  • ARA & NAR VU, Amsterdam: Sander Begeer  (see
  • AMC radiology & psychiatry, Amsterdam: Liesbeth Reneman (see e-Pod study) & Lieuwe de Haan
  • For the recruitment of participants we collaborate with various clinics such as GGZ Eindhoven, GGZ Breeburg, SARR & Youz.
  • CASS18+: an autism network for clinicians (see