Ilona Schouwenaars

Former PhD student

In January 2018 I started my PhD at HAN University of Applied Sciences. My PhD is supervised by prof. dr. Hilde Geurts, prof. dr. Coen van Bennekom, dr. Maurice Magnée and dr. Jan-Pieter Teunisse. I received my master degree in Culture and Religion psychology (MSc cum laude) at Radboud University.

In my PhD project, called ‘Beter Leren door Beter Slapen’ (Sleep Better, Learn Better), I focus on the relationship between sleep and school functioning in youth with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis (ASD). Besides increasing the knowledge about the relationship between sleep and school functioning, I aim to develop and investigate a school-based sleep intervention to improve sleep and school functioning. During the project I collaborate with both adolescents with ASD, parents and teacher in order to meet their needs regarding the school-based sleep intervention.