Hilde Geurts

Principal Investigator & lab founder

I am a neuropsychologist and study autism and ADHD since 1998. I started my professional life as a researcher with a study of the neuropsychological overlaps and differences between children (age 6 till 12) with autism and/or ADHD (PhD project 1998-2002 VU). Since then I focus mainly on cognition in neurodiverse people across the life span. I still focus on autism and a bit on ADHD. Myresearch focus lies on experimental and descriptive studies but we also ran a few applied intervention studies.

Currently I am a clinical neuropsychology professor (since 2018) and a professor by special appointment regarding autism (since 2011) at the Psychology department, section Brain and Cognition. See also my UvA website for more details regarding my background. My team is mainly working on my VICI project (NWO grant) on autism and ageing which is a follow up project based on the findings in my former VIDI grant (NWO grant).

Besides that I work on the University of Amsterdam as researcher and lecturer (UvA, 2002-current), I work at the Dr. Leo Kannerhuis (LKH, 2007-current). LKH is a tertiary mental health clinic especially for autistic people across the lifespan. Within reach-aut, an initiative of the UvA and the Dr. Leo Kannerhuis (2013-2018), we worked together with people with autism/autistics and a wide range of partners, focus on translational research which needs to be directly beneficial for autistic people and their families. This initiative is now combined with the academic workplace SamenDoen! Under the umbrella of the autism academic consortium (in Dutch AWA). Informtion regarding AWA can be found on the research page of the Dutch Autism Advocacy Organisation NVA.

Some other things to know: Previous member of the Young Academy (board member 2014-2016), which is part of the Dutch Royal Academy for Science, co-founded the Amsterdam Young Academy (2018) and I am a, among others, member of the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR, vice president 2017-2019), the European Network of the Hyperkinetic Disorder (EUNETHYDIS, board member 2010-2014), and Consortium Autism in Adults (CASS18+, board member 2012-2017). I also like running, reading, cooking, binge-watching series, dogs, and earrings.