d’Arc Autism & ADHD Research Center

We aim to create a better understanding of individual differences by researching neurodevelopmental conditions

Hello, we are d’Arc

We are a small group of enthusiastic researchers based in Amsterdam who study physical and mental well-being and (social) cognition in children, teens, adults, and elderly people who have an autism and/or ADHD diagnosis.

Our mission is to create a better understanding of individuals with known neurodevelopmental issues and improve identification of their opportunities and challenges for optimal functioning across the lifespan. Within the d’Arc lab we have a special focus on autism and ADHD.

Our goal is to understand why some people are perceived as being more exceptional than others. Therefore, we need to generate and integrate knowledge on the biological, psychological, and sociological level and consider different perspectives. We, thus, gain input from and collaborate with the persons who are the focus of our research, we respect each others’ differences, collaborate with people across the globe, preregister our analyses, publish open access whenever possible, and focus on societal outreach.

Our research projects

Current research Past research