Hyke Tamminga


I am a neuropsychologist and studied Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam. I joined d’Arc in 2011 for my PhD project on the effects of medication in children and adults with ADHD. After finishing my PhD I started working as a clinician at the mental health institute “Dijk en Duin” and currently working as a lecturer the Brain and Cognition department (section clinical neuropsychology) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

My PhD project was the ePOD-MPH study which was a collaborative effort lead by the Academic Medical Centre (AMC).  We were running a randomized controlled trial in which the effects of methylphenidate on the developing brain in people with ADHD (boys aged 10-13 and male adults aged 23-31) were studied using questionnaires, neuropsychological tests, MRI techniques and sleep actigraphy. My main focus was to determine the possibly more permanent effects of treatment on cognitive functioning in ADHD. For more information visit: www.epod-study.nl