Cédric Koolschijn


I joined d’Arc at the University of Amsterdam as a postdoctoral researcher in 2012. My focus was on structural and functional connectivity in adults and elderly with autism (spectrum disorders). I was involved in the MRI part of the Autism and Aging project.

I was trained as a biopsychologist at Utrecht University, and obtained my PhD degree at the Utrecht University/University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands (2005-2009). After my PhD I moved to the Brain and Development Lab at Leiden University as a postdoctoral researcher (2009-2012). Here I was involved in multiple projects in the lab. My main focus was on the interplay of longitudinal functional and structural brain development and cognitive development, puberty, and genetics. Currently I work as a projectleader/researcher at Danone.

See for more details my personal website, and publications.

vlag-nl For a description of this project in Dutch see d’Arc onderzoek.