Barbara van Heijst

I am a neuropsychologist working on my PhD project within the “Academische Werkplaats Autisme REACH-AUT” ( This is an initiative of the University of Amsterdam and Dr. Leo Kannerhuis, to bridge the gaps between clinical practice and scientific research, and to exchange ideas and knowledge together with people with autism.

The focus of my PhD project is on elderly with autism (age 55 and older). It consists of four parts: 1) develop and evaluate a psychoeducation module for elderly with autism, 2) develop and evaluate an e-learning module for caregivers of elderly with autism, 3) a case-series study of several elderly with autism in long-term care, 4) a follow up of project 1: Autism & Aging.

Before starting my PhD project, I was enrolled in the Research Master Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. I wrote my master thesis on quality of life in autism within d’Arc, and after graduating I worked as a research assistant on several d’Arc projects.