CURRENT d’Arc members:

  • Hilde Geurts (PI, head of the lab): Neuropsychologist studying autism and ADHD across the life span.
  • Tim Ziermans (Assistant Professor): Neuropsychologist studying overlap in (social) cognitive markers of autism and psychosis
  • Amandine Lassalle (Postdoc): Neuroscientist studying neural and behavioral correlates of emotional processing in autism
  • Joost Agelink van Rentergem (Postdoc): Methodologist studying cognitive aging in autism
  • Marieke Kuiper (PhD student): Psychologist studying psychophysiology and cognitive control related to social skills and sensory sensitivity in adults with ASD.
  • Marie Deserno (PhD student): Methodologist studying risk and success factors for quality of life of people with ASD.
  • Barbara van Heijst (PhD student): Neuropsychologist studying (an intervention for) older adults with ASD.
  • Linda Olde Dubbelink (PhD student): Neuropsychologist studying planning and decision making in teens with ASD.

d’Arc alumni (alphabetical order):

  • Anke Scheeren (former Postdoc, currently @ Tilburg University)
  • Anne Geeke Lever(former PhD student, currently @ VU & Dimence)
  • Bianca Boyer (former PhD student, currently @ UvA)
  • C├ędric Koolschijn (former Postdoc, currently senior researcher @ Danone)
  • Esther van Vuure (former research assistant)
  • Hyke Tamminga (former PhD student, currently lecturer @ UvA)
  • Iuno Groot (former research assistant)
  • Jopie Hooymans (former research assistant)
  • Koen van Loenen (former research assistant)
  • Laura Bringmann (former research assistant, currently PhD student @ Leuven)
  • Laura Dekkers (former research assistant), currently PhD student @ UvA).
  • Laura Ruzzano (former research assistant).
  • Linda Wink (former research assistant).
  • Mark Broeders (former research assistant, received PhD @ UvA).
  • Marieke de Vries (former PhD student, currently @ University of Nottingham in Malaysia).
  • Marlies Vissers (former research assistant, currently PhD student @ UvA).
  • Merel van den Ende (former research assistant).
  • Nynke Dicke (former research assistant).
  • Sanne van den Bergh (former research assistant & PhD student).
  • Sietske Kleibeuker (former research assistant, received PhD @ Leiden University).
  • Renee Visser (former research assistant, received PhD @ UvA).