7. Pragmatics in children with autism and ADHD

Goal: To determine the validity of a language questionnaire.

Results: Bishop (a important researcher from England) developped a questionnaire called the Children’s Communication Checklist (the CCC, later version is called CCC-2). This questionnaire focus on communication, including grammar, coherence, and pragmatics. The questionnaire is valid and has been translated and is used in clinics troughout the Netherlands.

Details: See Diagnostiekwijzer (Geurts et al., 2005), JCPP (Geurts et al., 2004), JADD (Geurts et al., 2008), International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders (Geurts et al., 2008; 2010).

vlag-nl For a description of this project in Dutch see d’Arc onderzoek.