Executive functions

3. Executive functions in children with autism and ADHD

Goal: To examine the neuropsychological profile of children with autism and ADHD.

Results: Children with ADHD are thought to have more profound difficulties in inhibition and children with autism in cognitive flexibility. However, in a direct comparison this is not as clear cut as thought based on studying each of these disorders in isolation. The cognitive problems in the autism group were more profound and wide spread as compared to the ADHD group. Children with both diagnoses were more variable in their responding. In our current studies we are, for example, testing whether the inhibition problem observed in children with autism (2004 paper) can be replicated.

Details: In a series of publications you can find all details. For example Geurts et al. (2004) in Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JCPP), Geurts et al. (2008) in Neuropsychologia or Geurts et al. (2009) in JADD. See also various papers of Verté.

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