6. Brain structure in autism and ADHD

Goal: To determine whether behavioral symptoms of autism and ADHD and their neurobiological underpinnings extend into the typical population.

Results: The structural MRI findings and autism and ADHD self-report revealed that autism and ADHD symptom severity was correlated with GM volume in the left inferior frontal gyrus. Autism symptom-severity was correlated with the left posterior cingulate, ADHD with the right parietal lobe, right temporal frontal cortex, bilateral thalamus, and left hippocampus/amygdale complex. Symptom severity of both disorders form a continuum extending into the general population, but it seems to be an oversimplification to typify psychiatric disorders such as autism and ADHD solely as extremes of brain structure abnormalities. Currently, we include a group of people to see whether we can replicate these findings. Moreover, also in clinical groups we are focusing on brain structure as well as brain functioning.

Details: In the publication of Geurts, Ridderinkhof & Scholte, (2012) in JADD you can find all details.

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