Project 6: EEG & Autism

Project 6: Brainconnectivity in adults with autism

Participants: We are no longer looking for adults with an autism diagnosis (autism, Asperger, PDD-NOS) aged 20-30 years as this study has finished. As soon was we know the results, these will be published on this website.

Short rational: Traditional imaging studies of autism focusing on brain function localization miss potentially important information about the temporal dynamics and network properties of brain activation patterns. A small but growing literature suggesting that autism can be characterized by abnormalities in short- and long-range brain connectivity. However, how these pathological connectivity patterns relate to cognitive control impairments is not understood. On the other hand, the brain networks of cognitive control in healthy individuals have received more attention in the literature. The overarching goal of the proposed research is to integrate recent work on the neurophysiological mechanisms of cognitive control in healthy individuals with careful clinical assessment and behavioral studies on autism, to better understand how cognitive control impairments in autism might arise from dysfunctional large-scale network activity. In this project we used EEG analyzing techniques developed by Mike X Cohen.

d’Arc members: Barbara van Heijst & Hilde Geurts
Funding: Hersenstichting


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