4 & 5: Planning

Project 4: Executive functioning in adolescents with ADHD and autism

Participants: In the future we mightbe looking for adolescents with an autism diagnosis (autism, Asperger, PDD-NOS) aged 12-16 years, but currently we do not recruit participants.

Short rationale: Within the ADHD section of this project former PhD student Bianca Boyer, Marije Kuin, & Saskia van der Oord developed an individual planning training for adolescents with ADHD. To test this new treatment protocol a randomized controlled trial was set up. While the main goal was to determine whether this new treatment protocol was beneficial for the adolescents with ADHD, we also determined which patient, parent, and therapist characteristics determine the treatment outcome. For autism, we also focused on planning (PhD project Linda Olde Dubbelink) and other executive functions such as working memory and inhibition in teens. However, we also included risk-taking behavior and the presence of comorbid difficulties as in the ADHD study comorbid difficulties were of importance for the treatment effect. A similar, smaller, intervention study might be designed for adolescents with autism. In this autism section of the project.

d’Arc members: Bianca Boyer, & Hilde Geurts
Funding: ZonMW (ADHD) & Dr. Leo Kannerhuis (Autism)


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