Project 2: MpH & ADHD

Project 2: Cognition, medication & ADHD


Participants: We were looking for children & adults with an ADHD diagnosis, but who did never use ADHD-related medication but our inclusion has finished. For more information, please go to (in Dutch).

Short rational: Children as well as adults with ADHD often use medication (MpH) to reduce the ADHD symptoms. However, the lasting effects of medication might differ for children and adults. Moreover, medication is not beneficial for everyone. In this project (a double blind randomized controlled trial) we intended to determine how one’s cognitive profile can inform us on whether or not medication is beneficial or not. This project is one of the projects within the e-Pod project of Dr. Liesbeth Reneman, radiologist AMC Amsterdam.

d’Arc members: Hyke Tamminga & Hilde Geurts
Funding: e.g., Nuts-Ohra