Current projects

Project 1: Autism & Aging: A Double Jeopardy?

Details: See information Project 1
d’Arc members: Anne Geeke Lever, Cédric Koolschijn,Barbara van Heijst, & Hilde Geurts
Funding: NWO MagW

Project 2: Social attention in autism and risk for psychosis

Details: See information Project 2
d’Arc members: Tim Ziermans & Hilde Geurts
Funding: Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Project 3: What are the important risk & success factors throughout the lifetime?

Details: See information Project 3
d’Arc members: Marie Deserno & Hilde Geurts
Funding: Reach-Aut, Zon-Mw, University of Amsterdam, Leo Kannerhuis

Project 4 & 5: Training planning for adolescents with ADHD and autism

Details: See information Project 4 & 5
d’Arc members: Bianca Boyer, Sanne van den Bergh, & Hilde Geurts
Funding: ZonMW (ADHD) & Leo Kannerhuis (Autism)

Project 6: The relationship between autism symptoms and psychophysiological functioning

Details: See information Project 6
d’Arc members: Marieke Kuiper & Hilde Geurts
Funding: Leo Kannerhuis

vlag-nl For a description of our projects in Dutch see d’Arc onderzoek.